Brooke S. Kentucky

The Cost of College Tuition

College education VS. Student loans.

Dear Next US President,

About 43% of people in the United States don't attend college at all. Haven't you thought that many of those people actually wanted to attend college but weren't able to for financial reasons? 

College is very expensive especially for students just graduating high school. Many young adults do not have parents that can support them after high school, which means they are pretty much on their own. I do believe that college should have a cost because if not then everyone would attend and not take it as serious as it needs to be. I also believe that the price of college tuition should be lowered because it is only far. I personally know 30-40 year old adults still paying off students loans from going to college right out of high school. 

I believe that if college tuition was lowered then more students would be able to attend and less people would be jobless and unsuccessful. Don't get me wrong. I highly believe that going to college is not the only way to be successful but, I also believe that you should have a chance if college involves what you want to grow up to be. Take it from me, my mom went to a 4 year college and had to work and pay for everything herself. She would have loved to continue and maybe have a stronger degree but she wasn't able to do it by herself.

Please consider this cause and put yourself in the shoes of someone else.