Teighan P. Maine

Climate Change

Climate change is effecting our planet, and the next president needs to address it.

 Dear Next President:

I am an eighth grade student from Saco Middle School, and in my understanding, climate change is effecting all citizens of America. Our sea levels are rising, wildfires are killing people, businesses, and property. Also, our food supply has dropped drastically. You, as the next president, must do something to avert climate change.

Research from c2es.org shows that climate change is increasing large wildfires, burning twice the size of wildfires since 1970, and lasting a devastating number of 78 days more. Greenhouse gases are being released, heating up the Earth, and since drier surfaces attract and catch on fire easily, wildfires are occurring more often. Factors that are increasing the rate of these insane wildfires are temperature changes, soil moisture, presence of trees, and other fuels that activate wildfires. Climate change is triggering these factors and increasing the risk of losing land, businesses, homes, animals, and in some cases, people. Yes, wildfires may not be effecting you by destroying your house or your land, but what about the particles and soot in the air that you can’t help but breath in? Those are still leading factors that show climate change is effecting us even if we don't see it.

Climate change is even effecting the opposite of fire, water. Sea levels are rising and there needs to be a stop to help protect our planet. When the planet gets warmer due to global warming, it melts the ice and when it melts, it takes up more space and makes the sea levels rise, and causes frequent flooding. Flooding and storms can start to threaten freshwater sources, coastal homes, and buildings. If climate change isn't reduced, by 2099, the sea levels could rise as much as 7-23 inches since 1990.

Some may think that climate change doesn't even exist, and that it should not be a topic to worry about and brought to peoples attention, but it turns out that more than 90% of scientists believe climate change does exists and more than 80% believe humans are one of the major problems causing climate change.

Another topic climate change is effecting is agriculture. Agriculture can be affected in a number of ways. Average temperatures are rising and dropping in areas causing temperatures to vary which affect our supply of food. Since the Earth is warming up, there is less rainfall, causing droughts and heatwaves, killing animals which provide meat, and drying up poor soil that our plants are being planted in. Pest and diseases tend to rise when the weather is warmer, this means insects, pests, and diseases can be causing these diseases on the plants. To maintain a healthy diet, we need natural  foods. How are we going to get these foods if we aren't able to supply enough or even any for everyone?

You, as the next president, need to take action to address climate change as a very serious act and be the one to associate with the people of the country to prevent the increase of climate change.