Celia California


Women should have the right to choose.

Dear next president,

I am writing about the right to choose because I believe that women should have a choice over what happens in our own bodies. This is a very controversial issue in our country, and I think that it should be left up to the woman to make the decision for herself. I respect everyone's different beliefs around abortion and I do not think it should ever be forced upon someone, but I believe that there are many valid reasons to end a pregnancy, and each one should be respected. I hope the next president will trust women to make the right choice for their current situation. 

Ending a pregnancy is a personal decision to make. It should be decided by individuals for themselves, not by the U.S. government. Every woman who chooses to have an abortion has a valid reason. Having a baby has an impact on a woman's entire life, and sometimes also on her health. It should be something she wants and is physically and mentally prepared for, not something forced upon her. As the president, please make sure every woman has access to health care including the option of a safe and legal abortion.

I don't believe that abortion should be used as birth control, and sex education and other ways of avoiding unwanted pregnancies are important. However, consent for sex is still not consent for pregnancy. A woman's body does not belong to anyone else. Mr. or Mrs. president, please make sure that pregnancy remains a personal choice, not a law.