Cyber Security and the Problems Inside

Cyber Security needs to be improved

          432 accounts are hacked annually, and around 47% of all people have had some form of information stolen by hackers. I think it’s safe to say that Cyber Security isn’t as strong as it should be. People are able to tap into info that they shouldn’t be able to. Hackers original started out as extremely skilled programmers, that progressively started going more and more out of control.

        The cause of this issue is simple. People want power, and the best form is the control of someone else’s personal information. The programmers eventually became too good at their job, and were able to get into private websites and information. This spiralled off into its own problem, and webbed out into another form of hacking, hence DDOSing (overloading someone’s router), Malware, and other internal problems.

       This isn’t just a problem for specific people, it affects everyone. A good example would be with your runner up, Hillary Clinton. One of the MAIN reasons you won, was because of her leaked private emails. Every one of these emails were deleted, but hackers pulled it out of cyberspace, and showed it to the world, making an already bad scenario worse for her. There was absolutely no way to defend against that being pulled up. There has also been countless amounts of people being swatted, DDOSed, and have private info leaked.

       There are many solutions to this. One being, actually delete what is deleted. Don’t keep the records of things people don’t want records of. It’s simple and efficient. There’s also many more solutions, but this one is the quickest and easiest. Another being, just shutting down the easy ways to tap into other’s information, such as DDOS sites and more. But, keeping to just deleting what is supposed to be deleting is more convenient.

       In total, cyber security is too easy to slip through. An experienced hacker can get through with no trouble at all. If it continues to be this way, major companies could be shut down, due to internal problems caused by hackers. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain why this is a problem, or why it shouldn’t be allowed to continue. In conclusion, you, as the president, need to fix cyberspace. Not only fix it, but improve it. Delete info that people don’t want on your records.