Mark H. Illinois

Deportation is not the best idealization

Mr.Trump,I have faith that if you try, you can make America great again, but I do see some minor problems that I hope you don't mind reading.

Dear Mr.Trump,

I can agree with some of the words that you say,like making America great again,I think making America great again would be great!I might be going off topic here, but April fools is one of my favorite non religious holidays, I love April fool's day! It’s pretty cool,which holiday is your favorite I wonder. To me, I think your favorite would be April fool’s day, because to me,you just seem like a big joke, well that’s what I thought you were at first.

Believe it or not, on April 1st, I thought you were going to yell out “April fools!” and say that you running for president was just a joke, but sadly you didn’t. But the more crap that came out of your mouth, more I realized that you were worst than a joke.Your words describe who you are, and apparently you’re a racist, sexist, baist fraud.The president should be someone we look up to, not someone we should be afraid of. You don’t deserve the title”President”. You say that you’ll make America great again, but how? By deporting all the immigrants? By building a wall? Even if you do follow through with those ideas, how would that make America great? That wouldn’t bring any peace to our country,that would only cause a war, do you really think that they will just leave in peace?

You got elected as president, you, who most likely doesn’t know how to run a country at all, considering how you have no “practice” as a republican.Yes, I do know that I don’t know how to run a country either, but please explain how your ideas are going to work out? You’re screwing our country over.You think Russia truly is our friend? Putin is clearly using you, but you’re too blind to realize it.Open your eyes, why would Putin want to be friends with you? It makes no sense what so ever.What annoys me the most, is that this country is a lot more racist than I thought, so many people voted for you.. You, a racist sexist froud, you, who doesn’t know the first thing of running a mile, yet alone a country.You clearly wish that America was only made up of white males, the only reason why you would want white females there, is to “grab them by the p****”as you once said.

I’d like you to imagine what this country would be if only white people lived here, how successful would that be? Next, imagine if you didn’t have the help of African Americans to pick the crops, and do your house work, and do all the free labor, this country would be nothing without all their work. This country would be nothing without the diversity it has today, so don’t try to ruin the diversity we have. Why can’t you be more like Bernie, and actually help the U.S. by making college more affordable? If more people in America could afford college, then we wouldn’t always have to rely on China (since you hate them so much) to make us stuff, we would be able to support ourselves. Imagine if you actually raised minimum wage? That would help millions of residents of the U.S. that’s the reason why this country has been going downhill so much.

You would have so many more followers, IF you would actually help us, instead of trying to cause a war with so many countries at once. So do us all a favor, and please actually contribute to helping America, raise minimum wages, make college more affordable, etc. Don’t waste money on a stupid wall while we are still in debt, that’s all I’d like to say.

Metea Valley High School

English 2, Period 7

Mr. Page's very-totally-awesome 7th period English 2 class at Metea Valley High School in Aurora, IL.

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