Nosheen A. Illinois

The Crime of Abortion

The idea of abortion is morally wrong and should be replaced with a better alternative.

Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations on your success in winning the 2016 election! The thoughts on abortion in America can range on a large controversial scale. Honestly, the idea of killing a fetus sounds horrifying to me. But, that is just my opinion. Before 1973, 30 states made abortion illegal. However, the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide, which started uproar amongst Americans.

Imagine, never having a chance at life because your parents did not want you. It is unfair if a child has to die because his or her parents are unwilling to take care of them. To solve the malicious crime, try to make abortion illegal. However, if a person was a victim of sexual assault the abortion could be valid. Abortion could also be validated if the baby is causing physical harm to the mother. But I still believe it is morally unjust to abort a child even though a mother was raped or unable to care for their child. Studies show less than 1% of abortions take place because of life-threatening pregnancies. This shows that majority of abortions are taken place for insufficient reasons. An alternative to aborting your child is to send them to an adoption center where they can finally find a home. Otherwise, the action of killing a potential ball of happiness seems monstrous.

Overall, the act of abortion should be illegal in America under certain circumstances. The abortion can be validated if the baby threatens the mother’s life or if the mother was a victim of rape. I don't think it is right for a mother who is a victim of rape to abort their child. But for the sake of many rape victims who are underage abortion  can be valid. It would be appreciated if someone of authority considers this vital issue.