Liam K. New Jersey

War on Drugs

The War on drugs has been a failure.

   Liam Kubilus

West Milford Twp. High School

67 Highlander Drive

West Milford , NJ 07480

Date, 2016

Future President at the White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President:

Hello, I am writing this letter to inform you on a the problem of the war on drugs.The war on drugs has wasted 1 trillion dollars since 1971, and we have nothing to show for it other than 2,3 million people in jail and more than half are from drugs (CNN).

Americans spend more than 50 billion a year in taxes on the war on drugs, in 2014 the prison population was 2.2 million people, and 1,561,231 were arrested for drug offences, The average cost of an inmate for a year is on average is $60,000 ( The Crime Report).

While this a big issue some people think that the war on drugs is a good thing because “If the people who use drugs are in jail then there would be no drug market” this is idiotic because there will be people who use drugs in every part of society,from the poorest people in inner cities all the way to the wealthiest businessman.

What i hope you will do as the next president of the united states is that instead of incarcerating people for drugs , but instead set up drug rehabilitation centers

This would make prisons less crowded and it will save billions in taxpayer dollars.


Student, West Milford High school