Kelsie Kentucky

Dear Future President


Dear Future President,

Abortion should be an important topic to you, in my opinion it is one of the most Wrong things there is in this world. You shouldn't go out and have sex with or without protection and not be able to accept the responsibility of a baby from your stupid decision. The "thing" that's inside of you is another human being and he or she deserves just as much of a chance in this world as you did. It isn't legal for a woman to kill someone, however that is exactly what she is doing. It wasn't that babies fault that you went out and got pregnant, so why just take its life away? I understand that you might not be able to take and give that child the care they need but you should have to go through the whole pregnancy because that's what the child deserves. Once you have the baby you can put it up for adoption and you don't have to keep it but you should have the child. You would not be here right now if your mother would have made the decision to abort your life.  How does that make you feel, not so great huh? Abortion should be illegal; there is no possible excuse for anyone to have one.


Kelsie Browning