Max S. Wisconsin

Black Lives Matter

Black lives should be treated with more respect.

Dear future President,

Something that I would want you to change in the country is more respect for black lives and I hope that you realize that all black lives matter. A lot of black women and men have been treated very unfairly for a long time. Since this is a big problem, I highly suggest you change this and make this problem better, so that black lives are treated with more respect and not treated poorly.

One reason why I support this claim is because black people are just like any other person and should be treated the same as any other person. They deserve the same rights as anyone else in this country. People should treat them and look at them the same as any other person. They are just like you and they're just like me. We should give them the same respect and the same rights. Many people don’t agree with this claim, but I think if they were treated like black people are treat, then they would support this claim.

Another reason why I support this is because we can only share one world and we shouldn’t treat people like this. More and more people are realizing that we need to treat black people with respect. A lot more people are starting to support the fact that black people should be respected more and given the same treatment as any other person. Four in 10 people say there needs to be new civil rights laws. In 2011 half of the interviewers said blacks rights had strongly improved, 39% said it somewhat improved, and 11% said it had stayed the same or worsened.

The final reason to support my claim is because people should acknowledge the fact that black people need more respect. 43% of people support the black lives matter movement. Among whites, Democrats, and those younger than 30 particularly support the black lives matter movement. 65% of blacks strongly support this movement. About 6-in-ten blacks believe that black lives matter. The other percent support the idea, but aren’t involved as much.

Over all I have given a lot of evidence to support my claim. I really hope you take this into consideration and fix this problem. I strongly support this idea and hope that you make a good decision to change their rights and start to focus more on black lives.


Max Streichert