Donald A. Georgia

Energy Policies

This is a letter to our next president, regarding energy policies and economics.

Dear Impending President,

     We used to get over 50% of our fuel for energy overseas. Now America is a self-sustaining country when it comes to energy requirements. With that being said it presents many choices to make. Some are good and some can be poor, that begs the question asked by Kenneth Bone at the second presidential debate on Sunday October 9th.”What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers”? The U.S. needs to convert to cleaner energy sources and create more job opportunities for the fossil fuel power plant workers.

     When Ken Bones question was asked online and basically everywhere people raved about the question and added their input. Several people disregarded this question as they believed that America is fine the way it is. However this is not true because more than 90% of the U.S.’ energy comes from fossil fuels. In addition if they want to keep using fossil fuel rich country’s resources we must tighten bonds with other countries as said in a letter by Connor W. These are the types of things that are necessary for these types of things.

     Fossil fuels are running out. These are very important resources and should be saved for emergencies. Use of fossil fuels has been gradually rising over the past few years. The U.S. needs to develop. More solar, hydro, and wind power. There should also be cleaner power plants and a raised regulation to decrease the amount of pollution in the atmosphere.

      The choices you make are up to you Mr. /Mrs. Commander in chief however keep the well being of the people in mind. Make sure to remember the depletion of the fuel. With your choice we can make this world a better place and go down in history!

 A Concerned Citizen,

Donald A.