Ibsael P. Georgia

Homework? More Like Stress Work.

Homework should be given in accordance to your understanding.

Dear Future President,

Did you know that most suicides are caused by stress? Did you know that homework can cause stress? Teachers have a tendency to give out too much homework too often. This causes stress, low amounts of time to perform other activities, and high school dropouts. In order to resolve these conflicts, I think homework should be given in moderation and accordance to your understanding in the subject.

The average teen takes two to three hours a day to complete their homework. Assuming the worst case scenario, students would have been in school and doing homework for approximately 11 hours. That means that they have 13 hours for recreation activities. However, the average human sleeps for eight hours, meaning that students only have five hours in a day for recreational activities! Five hours is less than a quarter of your day. This isn’t very much time, considering how long things take to do. Not having enough time to do stuff can lead to stress which brings up my next point.

Not getting enough done can cause stress, which I said was a leading cause of suicide in the US earlier. This could be solved by giving less homework if a student understands the subject more. I think that this could solve the problem because a student with a vast amount of understanding on a subject would not require as much work as someone who doesn't understand it quite as much. The amount of homework that you get in these subjects should be determined by your quiz scores in the unit. F should get the most, A should get the least in terms of pages of homework. I believe that using this method would give students more of a drive to get better grades. The students may study very hard until they get good quiz scores, which will get them better prepared for the tests. But what good would that do? You might ask. The answer is actually very simplexiwill Provide An Incentive. Practice makes the master, but what does a master do? The relax, the way a normal teen should be doing.

In conclusion, I think homework should be given in moderation and accordance to your understanding. Future president, you can help more people go to college and create a more educated work force by taking time in your day and trying out this resolve of mine.

 A  Worried Student, 

 Ibsael P.