Carson N. Wisconsin

"Why Gun Control Is Wrong."

We do not need to ban firearms because they look "scary".

        Dear, Mister or Misses President, you do not need to keep adding more gun control laws because obviously they are not working. While you are busy putting bans in place taking firearms away from legal gun owners who have the right to own them, criminals are bypassing those laws buying them from the black markets or the underground organizations. What you should do is not take guns away but ensure that bad people don't get the guns. Taking guns from good people means that only criminals would have guns. Some gun restrictions I understand like a ban on fully automatic firearms without the proper documentation and or a licence. Another thing I must add is just because a gun looks like an assault rifle or looks "scary" doesn't mean its functions like one or is one. I'm tired of people saying "if its scary looking we have to ban it."

    This is a Ruger 10/22, some would say it's "scary" or "dangerous" looking but this is a semi automatic firearm and that means one trigger pull, one shot. 

      This is also a Ruger 10/22. This functions the same as the gun shown in the picture above. Why would something that functions the same but looks different be labeled as "dangerous. 

    Sincerely, Carson N.

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