Animal Abuse Wisconsin

Animal Abuse needs to be stopped!

Animal abuse is intolerable and needs to end.

Would you intentionally abuse a loved one? Animals are living creatures, just like you, which means they deserve the same care and nourishment as us humans. Many people all over the world and USA are purposely harming animals.  Animal abuse needs to be stopped!

Over 115 animals die from laboratory experimenting each year, one of the most common reasons for animal death's. The law states that testing on animals is not prohibited, however, if we all work together we can hopefully overtake this law. Animals don'y deserve the harsh treatment of being tested on. If we stop animal testing we will be able to save a large number of innocent animals!

Another reason animal abuse is a big problem are the amount of puppy mills. 5,000 puppy mills still exist in the United States. These mills care more about the money being made rather than the actual health of the puppy. These mills treat the animals with disregard for any health needs to keep the puppy alive. Out of the 4.5 million animals that die each year, 4 million are breed from puppy mills. As you can see, puppy mills are extremely bad for animals and need to become extinct. 

Finally, the "enjoyment" of bulldog fighting and gambling is unacceptable and should not be allowed. Over 10,000 bulldogs are killed each year due to gambling and dog fighting. Many people pay money and support this for fun entertainment. This is not okay for the millions of bulldog's well-being! Watching many innocent bulldogs fighting and being killed should not be a source of entertainment for people.

Around 4.5 million animals are dying each year because of us humans. Animals deserve the same treatment as humans do and should not be incorrectly cared for. If you truly love animals, help spread the message and help us prevent animal abuse!