Trinitee D. Georgia

We Fear Them, While They're Fearing Us

The tables have been duplicated on both sides of the unspoken war: The United States and the Undocumented Immigrants.

Dear Not-So-Future Future President,

There are currently 10 wars that are occurring around the world today, many of them somehow involving the United States. From the year 1776, to the year 2016, there have been 108 wars revolving the United States. During the bombings, the raids, and the shoot-outs, our country has almost always been considered a safe haven for countries around the world; place where they could forget about the horrors occurring in their old house, and embrace the American dream in their new home. Only to find that the air strikes follow you in the form of bullets and the terrorists following you once are now your neighbors. This needs to end. The levels of pending deportation have increased along with the fear of ‘undocumented terrorists stealing our jobs and threatening our families.’ We need to make all types of immigration legal.

Not in the way you may think. We will not be taking away the immigration laws or disregarding the need for papers to stay in America. We will not opening our borders to all those who come seeking. No, I am actually proposing immigration centers for those who do not have the papers to legally cross the border. These centers could be stationed around the borders with signs in the surrounding area for those who make appearances in the news for jumping the border. Signs would correspond to the country they come from. These places would provide the documents that the individual(s) could not access or think not bring while they were making their way here.

However, this might not be attainable in your eyes. This country has had certain laws restricting immigration since 1917, and now, there has been uproar on placing a number of more on the law system. ‘Where would we get money for infrastructure’ or ‘How do we know these aliens aren’t a threat to the public?’ the very hard reality is, wed never know. Rejecting people because they are from a dangerous country, and therefore are dangerous, is like saying all Americans are dangerous because the people we look up to are killing our families. And, based on that assumption, we should throw everyone in jail for questioning, because everyone is dangerous. On behalf of the infrastructure, I know there is come sort of corruption occurring in the united States government, and if that were completely solved, the money we pay could actually go to the construction of the facilities.

In the steps needed to rid this country of the term ‘undocumented immigrant’, one of them need to include accessibility for those immigrants get the papers needed to stay here legally. I, on behalf of many civilians, wouldn’t want to be known as ‘The country that isolated themselves from those in need.’


Trinitee D.