Pape D. Georgia

Catchin' Immigration

Illegal immigration is becoming a major problem in the U.S., and we have to stop it.

Dear Next President, 

Seven hundred thousand new illegal immigrants are coming to the U.S each year Numerous people are coming into our country illegally leading to more money than you can count being added to our debt. Illegal immigration is becoming a major issue and it’s time for the U.S to step up and stop it. The main problem with illegal immigration is that it’s increasing our debt substantially. “Illegal immigration costs U.S taxpayers about 113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level.” Also, Illegal immigration has been increasing from 325,000 in 2009 and grew to 5.3 million in 2014. This means that the more people get into our country illegally, the more it’s costing us. Now I know what you’ll say, since there are more people coming into the U.S, it might benefit us by having more people working. What if I were to say that 58 million working age Americans are being put out of work. The cause; illegal immigration and how Americans are being forced to compete with them for jobs which is continuously adding to our unemployment rate. A way to stop this is first handling the immigration epidemic in Mexico. Studies show that half of illegal immigrants come from Mexico to the U.S. If we’re going to stop this, we’ll have to strengthen the national security around our border with Mexico and rebuild the wall since it has started to become worn out over the years. After fixing the problem in Mexico, we can then stop it happening from around the world. Having more stations and around the coast could help in stopping people from sneaking in. My parents came from a country in West Africa into the U.S in hope providing our family with a better education, but they came into the country legally. I find it unjust for people to come into our without going through the process to become an actual immigrate. I hope as the next president, you will be able to stop illegal immigration once and for all. It is dire for you to stop people from coming into our country illegally once and for all. Our country is depending on you to stop this crisis once and for all.

Looking toward a better future,

Pape D.