Whitney H. North Dakota

Issues in America

Some of the issues in America are abortions and coal-fired powerplants

Dear Future President:

Some of the controversial topics that people are talking about in the United States are abortion and whether or not coal-fired power plants should stay in use.These issues affect a lot of people and something needs to be done about them.

One of the top controversial issues in America is abortion. There are two sides to this subject, Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. People who are Pro-Choice are for abortions and people who are Pro-Life are against abortions. I believe that every fetus should have the right to live, no matter what the circumstances, because there are other options available besides abortions. Some people think that abortions are okay because the fetus isn't actually a baby yet, but it is a proven fact, according to mccl.org, that at the age of six weeks gestation, the baby's heart has already started beating. Also, at 20 weeks gestation, a baby can feel pain. Surgeons like Robert J. White, who is a professor of neurosurgery, have entered the womb to perform procedures on unborn babies and have seen them flinch, jerk, and recoil from sharp objects or incisions.

Another controversial issue in America is whether or not coal-fired power plants should continue to stay in use. Coal is the cheapest source of energy and it is the most reliable than other energy sources. In America, almost 200,000 jobs have work with coal. If the coal plants get shut down, those 200,00 people are going to lose their jobs.(coaleducation.org)

These controversial topics are only some of the things that people in America are talking about. I hope you make the best decision on what to do about these issues. The people of America are counting you.


Whitney H.