Charlene L. Kentucky

Dear Mr./Ms. President,

Racism in America

I would like to address the topic of racism. The problem with racism in the United States of America is that people from around the world come to America in hopes of escaping the racism that they're dealing with in their own home country.  However, when they come to America it's like another punch to the guts or a slap to the face because they hear American people holler out to them "go back to where you came from; because nobody wants you here and there is no need for you to be here anyways." At least the first part of what I said is true because I here it all the time from my own family.  My step-mother yells it out all the time in the car whenever me, my older sister Amber, my three younger brothers', and her go to the grocery store or are just riding around.  Not only does it make me really mad to here my family members say that stuff about other races but it also really irritates me that they would be so rude and hateful to say all of that about other human beings. 

Also if a person came to America to escape his/her own countries' racism towards them and then they hear racial slurs coming out of an Americans mouth that is being directed towards them, they end up feeling like they're not meant to be alive here on earth because they're be hated on.  Americans are prejudiced against them just because they came to this country seeking a better life for themselves and their families.  So I am asking you to help me end racism in our country so that every different race here in the United States of America can feel like they're safe and secure without being discriminated against. 

 Thank you a lot, Charlene Luckenbill