Cole M. Kentucky

Climate Change

I believe that something should be done about climate change.

Dear president,

  Hello. How has your day been? I would like to talk to you about climate change. I believe that something should be done about it. I am going to talk about coal, solar power, and wind power.

  Coal creates pollution which causes climate change. EPA has advanced restrictions on coal burning plants. This shows the need to use a cleaner source of energy. If we put more restrictions then there might be less climate change.

    Solar power is better than coal. This is because it is cleaner. Also solar power is a renewable resource and coal is an nonrenewable resource. It is also cheaper. Some say that by 2020 solar power could be 10% cheaper than coal.

  Wind can be useful also. If we use it together with solar power then, we can make even more energy! It can also be used if there isn't enough sunlight. Wind turbines can produce a lot of energy. One can produce 6 million kilowatts per year.

  Thank you for your attention.  I hope America, as well as the world has a bright future with less climate change.

Sincerely, Cole M.