Maggie Georgia


Abortion should be legal only when medically necessary.

Dear Future President,

I’m here to tell you that abortion has become a major flashpoint in today’s society. Many different views are expressed on this topic. Some views state that it is illegal all the time, and some views state that it is legal all the time. My opinion is that abortion should be legal only when medically necessary because killing an innocent baby is cruel.

“Although over 40 years have passed since the supreme court’s landmark Roe V. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide, Americans still remain deeply divided on the issue." There are instances when carrying a child can cause death to a mother. And there are instances when the fetus isn’t healthy. It is my view that in the above two instances that a women should have the right to chose whether or not they continue with the pregnancy because it is their body. It’s been reported that abortions after 28 weeks could harm the mother.

The decision of continuing the unwanted pregnancy is a personal choice. In certain circumstances like poverty, disability, rape, or unwantedness don’t morally justify abortion because we can all understand that if your baby is seriously ill then that is according to medical reasons. I don’t think that abortion should be used as a form of birth control because this is actually killing an innocent human being.

In conclusion, abortion should be legal only when medically necessary. So future president, I am asking you to do something about this issue.


Maggie S