blake b. Washington

animal poaching

My name is Blake. I'm from Seattle WA and this article is about animal poaching.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

You should realize that there is a problem with animal poaching because a rare or endangered animal is getting killed to get turned into a rug or a lamp and a result of that is if an species is getting killed it can go extinct. One reason to stop animal poaching is that rare animals can go extinct if we still poach animal. Another reason not to poach animals is it can hurt the ecosystem because if an animal contributes a lot to the environment and taking it out could hurt the ecosystem.

One reason to not poach animals is that a species could go extinct. There was an article written by “Cameron” and she said that “if we don't stop killing elephants then they will go extinct in 2020.” This shows that if we don't stop poaching animals then one by one animals will start going extinct before we can stop it.

Another reason not to poach animals is that it can hurt the ecosystem because if we kill one species then another species may not be able to live because they are dependent on the other species. This shows that if we kill one species it can start a ripple effect that affects all the other animals in that ecosystem.

MICHAEL EUSTACE once said “Rhino horn is sold into the Asian traditional medicine market where it is used in a cocktail to cure fears” but in reality it is killing an animal to cure a fear that you can get something else that is not endangered and could work more.

substances to cure a range of ailments.

So there are my reasons why not to poaching animals because we are hurting the environment, killing an endangered animals to make things that we don't need. This shows that we need to stop animal poaching so we can stop hurting the environment as much as we can.

-Sincerely Blake H. Burton