Jack V. Wisconsin

Why Minimum Wage Increase Is Decieving

Dear Future President,

I want to address a very controversial topic: Minimum wage. With this subject I believe that there is only one way to go, and that is to not let the minimum wage increase.

My first reason for saying that minimum wage should not be increased is that, although it seems as though this wage increase could help people who need the money, that will not always be true. This is because the minimum wage increase could be hurting small business owners who may also have financial problems. This is proved by the fact that 60% of small business owners say that raising minimum wage would hurt their businesses. This issue is also very personal to me because my family owns a small business, and they say that if the minimum wage is increased too much, they will either have to close the store or have to cut off some of the benefits that their workers get such as health insurance. 

The second reason for me saying that minimum wage should not be increased is that it may not help the economy as thought. To back this up, although the people who have minimum wage will start earning more money, it may make some other people lose their jobs. This is proven with the fact that in the European Union the average unemployment rate in countries with a minimum wage is 11.8% while countries without any minimum wage have an average unemployment rate of 7.9% and that is a very big difference.

The final reason for me saying that the minimum wage should not be increased is the fact that it could  go as far as to replace human workers. What I mean is that companies may start looking for technology alternatives to employees. For example, why would you pay a cashier $12 an hour when you could just buy a machine that has a one time cost? Although this may take a while for businesses to make the transition, it is a real concern.

So, because it can hurt business owners, make people lose their jobs, and possibly replace humans with technology. Thank you for reading my opinion and I hope that you take it into account and I also hope that you just do the best possible to help our country improve as much as possible.

De Pere Middle School

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