Javon California

Do Black Lives Matter Really Matter?

Throughout the past 3 years there have been a few of Caucasian police officers killing African Americans. When these events happened the officers don't get a fair trial; they are always found not guilty.This needs to stop now.

Dear Upcoming President,

I have a few things that I would like to discuss with you about the Black Lives Matter movement that’s happening around the world right now. The Black Lives Matter Movement is about how African Americans who are getting killed by Caucasian police officers and being treated unfairly. The segregation between the African Americans and Caucasians is getting worse.

Michael Brown was an unarmed Black teenager; Who was shot and killed on August 9, 2016 by Darren Wilson, a White police officer, in Ferguson, Missouri. Some witnesses say that Brown was trying to take the weapon from the officer and tried to assault him, and that’s why he was shot and killed. Other witnesses say that he ran but then turned back. He had his hands up in the air and walking towards officer Wilson; Brown was surrendering not attacking. He was shot twice in the head and four times in the arm. If Brown was the aggressor is still shooting him six times really necessary?

If African Americans start carrying guns then it would be a positive and negative thing. The positive side is that they can protect themselves from danger. If they have a gun they will feel more protected; able to keep themselves out of harm's way. The negative side is that citizens would feel vulnerable to the Blacks. Citizens would be more afraid of African Americans. There’s positive sides and negatives sides on African Americans carrying guns around.

As the next president, you can make the Black communities feel safe again. Not being afraid every time they see a Caucasian officer drive by; wondering if they are going to go get shot for something they didn't even do. You also can make the community a safer place to live. You have to start on what's happening around the world. What’s happening to the African Americans and how does that affect them?

Sincerely, Javon

Santa Clara High School

Flowers ERWC Period 5

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