Peter P. California

The human race

There should be only one race, and that's the human race.

Dear future president,

My name is Peter, and I'm currently a junior in high school. From my perspective, racism is one of the biggest problem in the world. Racism is when one race think their're more superior than others. This causes many outbreaks of violence all around the world. This issue was fixed by a man name Martin Luther King Jr., who died for equality. Because of this, laws were passed to everyone equality. Everyone has the right to vote. Everyone has equal treatment. However, this doesn't stop everyone on expressing their opinions to the world. People are being offended everyday due to their differences to other groups. Others are avoiding their routine because of who they are. Some can face tons of stress that leads to committing suicide. Students are being bullied everyday. We need to create a environment where everyone is treated the same. Everyone should be determined on who they are, not from their skin color. Everyone shouldn't be afraid to be who they are. Everyone should express their feeling and who they want to be without any doubt.