Ellie California

Crime in America

Surprise! Crime rates have gone down!

Dear Future President,

My name is Ellie Harrison and I have been learning about crime rates in America for the past few weeks. So I finally decided to try to do something about it. So crime rates have gone down alot since 1995, the rates right now are the best they have ever been! It says how much the crime has gone down while I was researching, also while I was researching I thought to myself crime right now is outrageous. I thought this only because all I hear is crime every where. But in reality it was the polar opposite, because like I said crime rates have gone down a lot.

There are many causes of crime, it can be an accident, it can be on purpose, and it can even be for revenge. For example, if somebody got in a car crash then that would be an accident correct? On the other hand if somebody went and shot another person for no reason that would be on purpose. Although crime decreased, it still happens worldwide and still affects many people and children. Crime will never disappear but we have proven that it can decrease. I could say that most people don't like crime because I am one of those people that donโ€™t like crime. But other people don't care about crime they are just glad that it's not happening to them. And this is the reason that I am writing this letter is to get my point out into the world that crime isn't a good thing.

I think one of the ways we can continue to decrease the crime population is to hire more police and enforce the laws. Hiring more police in my opinion would decrease the crime population even more. It's a good thing to know that crime rates have gone down. In fact we should try everything to stop the remaining amount of crime. I understand that you try your hardest to keep the city safe. Furthermore I think that with the people's help we can lower the crime rate even more. 


Ellie Harrison



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