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The Africa drought

Dear Mr. President, Africa, has been through so much. Can we provide any help?

Dear Mr. President

Africa has been through so much. There's been hunger, diseases and poverty, but the most it's ever been through has been the droughts. They've suffered through so many over the past 30 years. So the question i ask is, how can we help them? I've thought of ways. For example; wells, dams, and rain can provide water. It would be good because it's clean water. Also, you can fund water from schools that will provide it.

For years now, there's been so many unhealthy and starving people. They go from healthy, to sick, to passing away. This dirty water is not doing anything good for them. They get full off of all this dirty water in their system, and their bodies decide they can't take it anymore. It then weakens their bodies and they start to get sick.

The issue is that, this has been continuing on for 30 years now. Lives have been taken away. Mothers have to walk 18 miles to a river to get water and walk 18 miles back. They come back with their back’s aching from carrying all that water. They either have a choice to, feed there family, clean clothes, or clean their bodies. They should be able to do all of those things; with clean water.

How this drought is being caused is by, rain or snow rejections through that area. Also, if they do get rain, then it's just not coming over a normal period of time. This can also be caused by places upstream from not receiving the right amount of moisture. People also have a role in a drought. Maybe they use too much water, or leave the water on while, brushing their teeth, or washing dishes.

So it is your decision, Mr. President. Would you be willing to help and put your all in this suffering of Africa? We can't control nature but maybe putting up an organization where a company brings water every month could help? There can be other ways to do it too!   Please just think about it, it would be a pleasure to see lives continue!


Julina Padilla



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