Bill N. California

Guantanamo Bay Prison

I believe the practices of Guantanamo Bay are horrible and the prison should be shut down.

Dear Future President,

I’m writing to address the issue of Guantanamo Bay. I urge you to close Guantanamo Bay because it has horrible practices such as water curing, which in my opinion, violates the fifth article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and should be shut down. One way you could do this is by ensuring that prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are either freed if innocent, or sent to a prison in the U.S. if they are found guilty. You should collect further evidence on these detainees to see if they've been wrongly accused or if they should be transferred to a different prison. If we do this we won’t have to worry about caring for a facility in a different country.

On the issue of Guantanamo’s practice of water curing, it sounds incredibly painful, inhumane, and torturous. As stated by Steven H. Miles, "Water cure' variations have existed for hundreds and hundreds of years, but basically what they consist of is running large volumes of fluid into the intestines to cause the intestines to expand, which is incredibly painful." To me this sounds like a form of torture. which violates the fifth article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document states that, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

A way you could try to close Guantanamo is by transferring all the inmates out. To do this, you could collect evidence on each prisoner to see if they are innocent or guilty. If they are innocent, you could move them out of state to start a new life or send them back to their family. If they are guilty then you could send them to another prison in the US.

To conclude, Guantanamo Bay needs to be shut down, as there are people in the prison who haven’t done anything wrong but are being tortured. You should check who is guilty and who is innocent and transfer them to prison or to a new home respectively.


Alex Cordy.

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