Vanessa P. Georgia

Police brutality

Police brutality has become a major issue all around the U.S many things need to happen in order for it to stop.

To The Future President:

For the past months there have been several conflicts involving police brutality. I’m sure you have seen this all over the news and on social media, for example people using the hashtag Black lives Matter. Many people have different opinions on this topic and some don’t agree that this is a problem, however I think it’s a major problem occurring all over the United States. I strongly suggest that changes should be made in order for this to stop. People should be treated with respect no matter their skin color and they should feel safe wherever they are. In order for that to happen police men need to analyze the problem first before handling the situation. Secondly there should be more surveillance cameras so people know the real stories on what happened to the victim. Finally, I think it's a good idea to make a law that only certain people can have guns. It would save their lives and many others.

To begin with, I think that policemen should wait and see what the actual problem is before there is any weapons involved. Police assume most of the time that there is a problem when they see an African American walking down the street. I think if you were to see something suspicious going on with a person you would handle it differently , but if you see the person acting perfectly normal why assume he/ she are doing something wrong? Many of these situations have caused blacks to suffer more than whites. There are many different ways to approach someone, and having a weapon right away is not a good idea. So my suggestion is not to use your weapon right away and wait. Just because you assume something may be wrong doesn't mean you're always right.

For example a black man named Keith Childress had cameras on him and police had been watching his every move for a couple of hours. After a while they decided to go after him because he looked suspicious as the police report said , but Keith was only asking for help in a metro area. The policemen got together and they decided to go after him , when they caught up to him they shot him dead because they saw something in his hand and assumed it was a gun. Later when they were investigating Keith had a cell phone in his hand. No one suffered in this situation except Keith and his family.

There should be more regulations like asking question, and paying close attention on what's going around that person. No one should handle a person like this until he/she does something that policemen should be worried about.

Secondly I think there should be more surveillance cameras around populated areas like downtown areas or even in closed places that people can't see anything . I say this because once the police have killed someone and find out they were innocent they want to twist the stories, especially when people didn't see anything. They want it to seem that what they did was for a reason , but in reality they don't want to be in jail themselves. If we have more cameras people know the truth and police can't run away from this. Many police have gotten away with it, and unfortunately they don't get in trouble.

In 2015 it resulted that ninety seven percent of police officers did not get charged with a crime.And 2015 was the year where the protest of black lives matter happened the most. There are only two examples of police officers getting arrested for killing an innocent African American. The first officer killed Matthew Alijabades he was sentenced for a year and debutey Bates killer of Eric Harris was sentenced on may 31st of last year. These two men were unarmed and didn't seem suspicious. These are only two examples of officers getting arrested but the other 97% of police who don't get sentenced is still way too much.

I think this is a great way for policemen to stop doing this and getting away with it. By putting cameras in it gives everyone an explanation to other police officers so they can handle it. I don't think it's fair to the victim or their families to know a fake story, they have the right to know what happened to their son or daughter especially if it wasn't an accident.

Finally I think that the president and the government should only let people that are in the right state of mind have a weapon licence. I think that this will cause less people to be killed so that police don't think that they are armed. There are many African Americans on the streets that don't need to have weapons because they are not mentally stable. They shouldn't get killed when their mentally ill they just need a lot of help. Many people roaming the street at nights may find their self in a bad situation with the police because their armed, they may just want help but they don't necessarily know how to get it.

African Americans walking down the sidewalks with weapons is a huge red flag for policemen and people in general and people are not going to feel safe around them. They're probably wanting help but i'm sure they don't want to get shot. They don't know any better and it may seem that having a gun is a sign of protection but when they are putting their life at risk.

In conclusion this topic can go both ways for people,and I know that all people may not be innocent either. And I believe that there are people in this world that need to go to jail and have consequences for their actions. But what happens to the percentage of people that are innocent and still being killed just because their skin color ? This shouldn't even be considered a problem but unfortunately it's still happening . Everyone in this world has the right to feel safe even if you're walking down the street or sitting in your car. I think that these three topics could help somehow on changing police brutality and the world in general.