Harper Georgia

Air Pollution

Air pollution is damaging our world, and it needs to be stopped

Dear Future president,

Air pollution is a growing problem in America. It damages people’s health, and endangers their lives. We are far too dependent on fossil fuels, and eventually we will run out. However; there is a way to fix this, renewable energy resources can provide the answers we need. Air pollution is a big problem, and we need to find a solution.

A lot of people breathe in unhealthy air, and they suffer many consequences. They breathe in polluted air, and get cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases like lung cancer, asthma, and COPD. When someone has COPD, their air sacs become out of shape, and floppy. These sicknesses can lead to death; around 200,000 Americans die due to air pollution every year. Around the world, 92% of people breathe unhealthy air, and it is a serious health crisis. Air pollution needs to be stopped, or else the deaths will only grow.

Americans rely heavily on fossil fuels. America is one of the largest per capita carbon emitters, 2/3 of our total energy generation comes from fossil fuels. Unfortunately, carbon and crude oils aren’t renewable, and they produce harmful emissions. Imagine not being able to turn on your lights, or drive in your car. It is very important that America finds a way to use less fossil fuels.

There are many alternative options to fossil fuels. Windmills, hydroelectric dams, and solar panels can be the future of energy production. Renewable energy accounts for 13.5% of the world’s total energy supply. Wind energy creates no direct carbon emissions, and it is inexpensive to operate and maintain. While you might think “clean” carbon is the answer to our problems, it is far from the solution. This carbon still produces some emissions, and it isn’t renewable. There are many renewable sources of energy that we should start using.

Fossil fuels have damaged our health and air for long enough. It is time to start using new energy sources, to ensure the health of our world.