Traffic Jams

Dear Future President,

When I’m going down the freeway in the evening, especially from around 5-7 o’clock, I get stuck on the freeway due to traffic. When I’m stuck I would just be forced to wait an extra hour to get through traffic overall just wasting my time and leaving me stuck in my metal torture device for an hour or two. Traffic is a problem, not only is it a problem in big cities, but it is a problem worldwide and it is a really big problem. Traffic get's in our daily life and it doesn’t need to be there so it needs to stop.

Traffic is caused by the people on the freeway. Just by being on the freeway you are creating more traffic. But traffic congestion is caused by one car stopping or slowing down making the car behind it slow down. This continues until the entire freeway stops in its tracks. Another thing that causes traffic are the accidents that happen on the freeway. The accidents cause the other cars around it will then slow down to look at it, then causing congestion. This causes all the cars on the freeway make more pollution. The last thing we want is more pollution. Traffic also affects us by wasting our time and concentration. No one wants to have their time wasted.

This happens to us all the time. We are driving down the freeway to our vacation house some 200 miles away then we are stopped by a horde of cars that are going in the same direction. Then we start getting bored while we sit there just waiting until we can what caused this monster to become alive. We then see a car pulled over and getting a ticket. Then everything starts moving again and we all forget this ever happened. The most famous traffic jam is the China National Highway 110 traffic jam. This traffic jam lasted for ten days and moved only half a mile a day. This jam was caused by bad design and too many trucks trying to go to Beijing. This cause people to come onto the highway and start selling overpriced food. The only way to stop the traffic was to ask the truck companies to stop sending trucks onto the freeway. Another example of traffic was in August 1969 in New York. When there was too many cars trying to get to one place, people were being flown out in helicopters. Traffic is everywhere.

Traffic is a delay in all of our lives. It can cause crowded areas to become more polluted and waste time and energy. This is caused by us and our driving habits on the road. A way to stop these reckless behaviors is to use more electric cars. Electric cars are not only more eco-friendly but they have less of a chance of starting a crash. Another solution is to making lanes smaller to make more room for more cars or making a stronger traffic enforcement group. Now Please take these thoughts into consideration, future president.