mery g. Georgia


There is no reason for someone to be treated differently based on his or her looks; we are all the same and should be treated with respect.

Dear future president,

We live in a world where everything matters. Race, skin color, religion, and culture. We have many groups of people that are not treated fairly with respect like the rest of us are. There is no reason for someone to treat someone differently based on his or her looks and what they look like on the outside, we should all be treated the same and with respect.

Historically African Americans made up the largest minority group. If they were the largest group why is it that they were the ones treated poorly? Almost a hundred years after the passage of the fourteen amendments that outlawed slavery. The United States was still a dangerous and horrible place for African Americans. After so long the world still hasn’t changed its perspective on African Americans.

All throughout the history of the united states as a nation, Native Americans have faces systemic oppression, discrimination, and exploitation. Asians, Latinos, Hispanics, and Mexicans, African Americans, etc. They face much more trouble in there life’s when really none of these little things like skin color and religion matter. But unfortunately to our society it does matter. This topic matter to me because I have been treated differently in the past because of my race and so have many other people in the world. Governments have regularly denied civil rights to large amounts of groups of people.

White people. Why are they treated better, are they a whole lot better than everybody else, is what they do better? Is the color white more appealing to the human eye? I personally like the color black more; I wear it every day. Everybody should be able to go to the public such as the movies, the mall, Publix , anywhere without being ashamed of their race. This is America, and we all should have our freedom, and be able to walk outside without the feeling of other’s eyes on us at all times.

Sincerely Mery Gurung