Nick California

Criminal Justice

Dear Future President,

Dear Future President,

I hope that you will recognize that the criminal justice system in our society today is racially profiled. This is an ongoing problem that as of recent events have been at the expense of African-American citizens: the killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and many others by police. These shootings are terrible events that do not completely have one side to blame, but the police officers themselves if they were to be at fault would not be charged because these shootings involved white officers. 

The justice system in America is also racially profiled because there are more minorities in jail than white Americans: 37% African-American, and 32% Hispanic. White Americans are on the latter half of the inmate population. Another example of our broken criminal justice is the rape case of Brock Turner where he had a reduced sentence to three months, but a short sentence to begin with although he was guilty. I believe that since he came from a wealthy white family, attended Stanford, and was on track to be an Olympic swimmer they were very easy on him. I would just like you to recognize this problem and take action and not avoid it. This is a step in the right direction to make America great.


Nicholas Russell