Iven Z. Connecticut

Education system

I believe as president of the united states, that you should work on making the way schools teach students better. By trying to get students exited again. Making sure that every student is engaged and gets the help they need.

Dear President,

I believe that as president you should work on the ways schools teach students. Students are becoming less and less interested in the topics they are learning about. In schools all around the country students are sitting behind a desk listening to their teacher talk. There are also way too many students in the same classroom. Students don’t get the one-on-one time they need to really understand a difficult skill. I believe that we should change the education system and make students interested and curious again.

First, the schools are too crowded. There are too many people in a classroom at the same time. 14 percent of schools in America exceed capacity. If the classroom is overcrowded students won’t have as much attention of their teacher as they might like. Some people might need less attention, but there are also people that need help to understand the topic and if they don’t get this help they completely don’t understand the topic. These students can’t get the one-on-one time they need with the teacher if there are too many students in the class. Their grade might be impacted or they might never understand a very important topic. If we don’t do anything to fix this problem there are going to be students all around the world confused and not learning anything new in the classroom.

Also students are becoming less and less curious in the classroom. I am a student myself and I have lived in many different places where they teach differently than in America and from my experience I think that America needs to work on it’s way of teaching students. When I was in Singapore (The place I was before America) I used to look forward to going to school because I knew it was going to be interesting. Now I don’t look forward to school as much as I did before. I know now that we are most likely going to take notes or listen to the teacher talk. Rarely we do something like really get into to a topic that you can make a project on like a presentation or a structure that you can present to the class. Some ideas I had to make students more interested and curious to learn about new topics are to let them do more of their own research instead of having a teacher feed them information. I also think that we can do more exciting project instead of having to write and essay you could make a model of for example in Biology of a plant cell and present the class with the different organelles. It is also important to learn skills like writing. I think that we should keep some of the thing we do now but we could learn them in different ways, which are more interesting.

In conclusion I believe we should change the education to make students interested and curious again. There are ways to improve the education system. There are too many students in most classrooms. We have to make sure students can get the one-on-one time with their teacher they need. Also we have to get students excited again about going to school. As president I hope you can change something about this and make students excited to learn again

Sincerely, Iven





Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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