michael c. Connecticut


Taking down terrorist groups together.

Dear next president

My name is Michael C and I am a freshman. Here, terrorism is not much of an issue, however in neighboring states such as New York, as well as our entire country, terrorism has affected many. Horrible acts of terrorism have taken the innocent lives of two of my parents best friends who were working together in the North tower at the World Trade Center when the two buildings fell. Terrorism has been a problem throughout the entire world for decades, upon decades. Every year, and every day terrorists take the lives of many innocent people. Too many innocent people. This is a widespread problem that affects all different types of people, in all different countries. Radical Islamic terrorists are taking their lives, along with many other innocent people for what they believe is a greater good. In 2001, 2,996 innocent lives were taken by terrorism in just one attack. We know what they are capable of and we must act accordingly. Strapping bombs to their chests, flying planes into buildings, they get the job done one way or another. In search of power, or glory, or this greater good, they will do what they have to do to take as many lives with them.

As our next president, terrorism must be high on your priority list, and you must be aware of the threat that they pose. You must address this problem, and together we will face it, immediately. We need to upgrade our security, secure our airports, and popular tourist attractions that could be a potential target to terrorists. This problem is increasing throughout our country, and throughout the entire world. We can’t let it sit. The more time we put it off to the side, the stronger they will get. We need to fight terrorism with all our might, and stop those who are funding these terrorist organizations.

From 2006-2016 terrorism has taken the lives of 130,000 people throughout the world (Statista.com) . As a powerful country, it is our duty to help fight this evil super power. We need to continue to band together with other countries to take terrorist groups like ISIS down. Terrorism is a problem that just keeps growing, and growing and growing. It is necessary that we take immediate action. Our next president has to know that The United States of America does not negotiate with terrorists. Therefore, the only way to take them down is violence. Violence is the answer. We need to act fast before it is out of our hands.

Overall, our country has done a pretty good job so far of keeping Terrorists out, given that in 2001 the terrorism death toll was 3,003 people, whereas from 2005 - 2015 it was 24 people (Start.umd.edu, Politifact.com). Clearly, we have done a good job so far within the US. But, that is not good enough. That is excluding terrorist deaths in other countries around the world, and in Iraq/other parts of the Middle East. America is a wealthy superpower, with one of the strongest militaries in the world. We need to use this power to aid other countries throughout the world who need our help, and who are hurting greatly because of terrorism. As the great country of America, that is what we need to in order to help defeat worldwide terrorism. With the help of the NATO organization, and the United Nations, together as one we can combine powers in order to stop this problem. Putting the right amount of money in, and working hard at this problem both on the battlefield, and behind the scenes, we will save thousands of innocent lives from suffering to these acts of evil. 

Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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