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Letter to Future President

This is a letter to the president of the future telling him/her the current problems and asking him if they still exist today. I suggest how he could fix them in the future and and interested to see how he/she addresses the problem.

Dear Future President,

The future of the United States relies on you and with the current election that we are currently having right now and we are all wondering how that future is going to turn out. I feel when the kids of the future ask about the 2016 election no one will have a answer but instead a very good story. I can say that you are the president that got me into politics because your election got so much attention I had to pay attention to it. So I want to thank you whether you’re a woman or a man I don’t know and won’t know until the future occurs. The whole world is wondering how the future is gonna turn out and I am writing this letter to you wondering the same thing.

There are lots of issues in this country, but the you as the next president should be concerned with terrorism and its effect on the American people. Lately, there have been terrorist attacks around the world. ISIS has terrorized places like Paris, New York, Turkey, and so many others. Terrorism is a serious issue the next President of this nation needs to address. To take action against the terrorist America needs advanced security and background checks. America has the tools and the ability to do these things, but they need to be used more often and need to be more advanced.

Background checks will help fight terrorist because we can closely monitor who comes in and out of the country. However, nobody should be discriminated because of where they come from or the color of their skin, because then there negative effects from terrorism on people aren’t helping anything and could only make things worse. September 11, 2001, is something that we can never ever let occur in America again.

We can’t let the terrorist win, we must fight back by the rules. If we do not fight back following the rules and the constitution, than we are no better than them. The next president really needs to use background checks to the best of her/his ability to take action against the terrorist and protect the American people and the Constitution of the United States of America. If all is followed I have a feeling our future will be successful and improved from where it currently was. I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out and really do hope it all turns out well. Good luck!



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