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Unemployment problem and low income

The numbers of unemployers and low wages are the most important economic problem in the USA right now, the low wages and unemployment are slowing down the economic growth and causing the government and people has the money issue.

Dear Mister or Madam President, 

RIght now, the large number of unemployment in United Stated has become a very important. This cause the economy damage and market price goes down. And as the unemployer problem is happening this cause another problem. Because of the large number of unemployment, the company was not making enough many and so the people who are working are getting low income, as money they got is not enough for them for living or feed their family, they start buying less food and product. As the demand goes decrease some small business goes bankrupt, more people will be unemployment, this vicious circle keeps goes over and over again if you and the government do not anything about it. I live in a low income family and I see my mother work so hard and only get little of money to raise our family, my mother has to paid for the house rent and food at the end of the month there is no money left, many of the family are having same situation to me. We don't have anymore extra money to enjoy our life or spend for anything else beside make the money to barely living. This cause that nobody is buying the goods and will stop the economy growth. As our country are in huge debt and if the citizens are not making money I think the government would not have the money too. creating job and increasing the minimum wages can solve the problem but many president has think about that but its hard success. So I would like to asking you to fix this economic problem in this country. 


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