Jesus W. Georgia


Dear Future President,

Immigration. A major factor in this year’s election. Families all over America are struggling because it is hard for them to find a job and put food on the table for their families. People come to the United States looking for another opportunity, a better life, not to realize that it would be a mistake.

The want of borders is a wicked thing because it is separating a country from all the others. The U.S has the name “Melting Pot” for a reason. 13.3% of America’s population are immigrants. These immigrants are a part of the United States, and are what make us diverse. No immigrant should be deported for being “Illegal” because no one is illegal in this world.

If you want to make America a better place then you wouldn’t want to put more on peoples shoulder, on the contrary, you should help them. This isn’t a problem; this is a work in progress which can be fixed. By making community get togethers or food drives may help a little but still help. No one in this world would want to be separated from their family because they’re “illegal”. All families should be able to take care of their without worrying about anything.

In early 1990’s my grandmother and her six children, including my mom, all came to the United States in hope of a better opportunity. It wasn’t easy for them, neither is it to all the other immigrant families out there. Their kids having to wake up really early for school, because their mom is working double jobs to be able to get food on their plate, and can’t play any sports nor any extracurricular activities because they’re helping at home.

This can’t go any longer. This has to be changed, and has to be changed now. I’m hopeful that this 2016 election you future President can do something about this issue.


 Jesus W.