Austin W. Georgia


Terrorism is a serious issue that must be stopped as soon as possible. We need a president that will end this issue once and for all.

Dear Future President,

There are many problems in America. Terrorism is one of those problems and if not, the biggest problem. Also, this matter is not just pertaining to our country, but is pertaining to the whole world. Terrorism is killing innocent people who didn’t deserve to die the ways in which they did. These harmless people aren’t even touching the terrorists but are still getting seriously injured and/or dying. This will be very hard to stop but if we start working as soon as possible, there is a chance of stopping this once and for all.

My first reason is about a man named Alfred P. Murrah. In 1995, he was convicted of murder. He detonated a bomb truck containing fertilizer-based explosives. This was in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Alfred killed 169 people and left many others injured with his bomb truck. Another man named Timothy McVeigh was involved in this bombing. Timothy was convicted of planning out the bombing. Things like this shouldn’t happen in our country. This is a free country and when people are getting killed for no reason, others tend to feel controlled.

Another tragic event was 9/11. This is one of the most terrible events to happen in U.S. history. Two terrorist planes flew directly into the twin towers in September 11th, 2001. Numerous people died at the World Trade center, where the twin towers were. Many people today have loved ones who were lost to the terrorist attacks on 9-11. There was also a 3rd plane that was headed toward the White House. That plane was unlike the other ones because it had innocent people in it. The terrorists hijacked the plane. Luckily, there was someone in the plane who was able to overcome the terrorists and save everyone on the plane. That plane was landed near the White House in a field where no one was hurt.

So, if we were to stop terrorism, it would take a lot of time and planning. That’s why we must think together as one and start doing things we haven’t thought of before. As president you must know what you are doing and have a sense of courage. This won’t be easy and that is why we don’t really know any ways to stop it. But we know that we can stop it. Though there are a few ideas that come to mind. We should be stricter at airports because there have been many incidents on planes or caused by planes. Another way is to check more often if people overuse their passports or overstay at places because they might be up to something. That is also a form of stealing.

To conclude, countless attacks have killed innocent people. These people didn’t have to die the way they did. Terrorism has also caused a lot of money lost by the government due to the damage and destruction of buildings and monuments. There are many reasons why terrorism is a serious matter and why it must be stopped as soon as possible. Terrorism is a powerful issue and right now, we most likely don’t know how to stop it, but if we work together to at least prevent this, our world would be much safer.


Austin W.