Benjamin N. Georgia


People need to be thankful they are living in such a technology advanced country, and stop calling people racist over an opinion.

Dear Future President,

I just want to point out what needs to go down. It’s easy to explain this and try to sound nice, but if you take everything the easy way, nothing will get done. What we need is for people to stop being so sensitive and learn to deal with life. Life isn’t easy, so when someone says something you don’t agree with, don’t say, “That’s Racist, or you’re Racist.” While most people talk about police brutality, and that voting for certain people makes you a racist, and that if you don’t someone who isn’t like you in every physical way possible, you are racist.

I’ll start with police brutality. Although blacks have been shot and killed, so has every race. In fact, the race with the highest police deaths is whites. Also, the amount of black killing from police has dropped 70% in 50 years. To add on to that, every race that has been killed by police brutality had little to no reaction, but the only race that reacted with fires, flipping police cars, and attacked other races on purpose were blacks. Not all black lives matter protesters are this way, but the ones that blow this whole racism thing out of proportion, make every protester look bad.

All this hate for police and opposite races all started with the Democratic Party and Barak Obama. You might be wondering, “WHAT? I don’t understand.” Well what happened was when he ran for president, if you didn’t vote for him people assumed, “Well he’s probably a racist and didn’t vote for him because he’s black.” Except the face that basically nobody thought that way, they didn’t vote in his favor because he had a small record, and little to no backstory.

People who don’t always claim others as racist and point fingers sometimes don’t even know the definition of the word. The definition of racism is discriminating or the disliking of someone due to their skin color/race. All of these killings are not a race problem, they are a people problem. Just because you’re a certain race or religion, doesn’t mean you have to act a certain way. It makes no sense to say, “I’m black that’s why I’m ghetto.” The one that gets me the most is the word black. They say I’m black as if they are a different species of a human. It doesn’t change you, it’s just skin pigment. Plus, America is actually one of the most non-racist countries in the world. There are some places in the world where you might get shot or blown up for being Jewish.

To sum it up I wanted to say that I have nothing against any different race or religion I just wanted to sum up that I wish everyone would just be thankful for what they have in this country. Plus, we have one of the most advanced countries in the world, and people need to stop pointing fingers and learn to deal with life because life is not a walk in the park. Just because someone killed someone who isn’t the same race or gender as them, doesn’t mean they are a racist or sexist. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, and are willing to do something about it.

Good Luck,

Benjamin N.