Zaila New Jersey

Black lives matter

Blacks are getting shot,killed,and imprisoned by police.

Dear Future President,

Criminal Justice is the system of practices and institutions of government directed at upholding social control but some cops are killing people by race. Whites make up to 63% of the population of this country. Nigros make up to 12% and Nigro men are 3.5 times likely to be killed then white men. Some of these shootings are in public places four or more people other than the shooter died.

Police officers kill black men that were unarmed and I do not think it is fair to the parents, friends, and family of these people also it’s not fair for these people that are in their 20s and 30s. People like Michael Brown who was 18 years old is now dead also Terence Crutcher who is 40 is dead too.Most of these police officers do not get charged or go to jail.

Also the rate for imprisonment is per 100,000 people. Black people are being put in jail and killed for doing drugs and using guns. These people may be put in jail for years and years for not doing anything serious.