Sam S Georgia

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse is ignored and pushed aside for more "important" issues. Thing is, they need us as much as the others do.

Dear Future President,

Animals. What did they ever do to us? Nothing,  yet hundreds of animals are abused daily. Animal abuse is a big problem, yet it is ignored, and focus is put on other issues.

Studies have shown that dogs are abused more than any other animal; 53 percent! People abuse them by pitting them against each other, shooting them, etc. The list goes on, and it is horrible what victims of animal abuse endure. More than 2 million animals are abused each year, and there are 19,000 animal abusers caught. The issue of animal abuse is like an iceberg, with only the top part above the water acting as the cases that are reported, the rest…...unknown.

In past years, animal abuse has spiked. In 2006, there were thousands more animals being abused than in years before. Animals don’t deserve this. They are our friends, our companions, not just some toy you can throw around until it breaks.

Neglect is the most used way of animal cruelty. It may not be like the immediate ways of harm, but over time it has the same effect. Hoarding is similar to neglect, where there is an overpopulation(not always the same with neglect) with little supplies and diseases running rampant. One of the only major differences is that most hoarders don’t realize they are abusing the animals, rather protecting them. These animals need help, and we are their only hope.

Animal cruelty is widespread. So, we should control and diminish that widespread abuse, because abusing animals can lead to abusing people, and we don’t want more issues to spread. As president, you control the country, and it is your job to protect the United States. This includes the animals, too. As president, you could give hope to the animals. As president, you could help the cause to fight abuse. You can donate 10 million dollars to build animal shelters and recruit more people to make a new check-up system. Once every one to six months, depending on age and health, there will be a check-up. The location of the check-up would rotate between your house to see its living conditions and the vet. It could be possible to make a device that sticks to the collar of an animal to check their heartbeat. I believe with that system, animal conditions could be monitored more closely.

I hope you took into consideration the severity of this situation. I urge you to donate to build more animal shelters, and to make an effort to save the animals. So, don’t just feel sorry, do something.