Karla C Georgia


Abortion is a choice for women's rights, and I'm standing up for them.

As a teenage girl in America, I am concerned about the legality of abortion because when I was younger,  one of my female relatives had an abortion.  I think every women deserves a right to choose just like my relative had a choice. People in America have long debated whether abortion should stay or leave. However, I want you Mr. Future President to still make abortion a choice in women's rights.

56% percent of American people say abortion should stay in America. This means that America is leaning more on the “abortion should stay” side. This is important because it shows that most American people say it is alright for a women to choose this choice. The three primary reasons for abortions are, not ready/poor timing with a percent of 27%, can’t afford baby with a percent of 25%, finished with childbearing with a percent of 20%, along with more reasons like rape, maternal health concerns, fetal health and many more. This means that ⅔ of the reasons for abortion are because they just aren’t ready. This matters because if abortion is not legal for so many who need it, than those people will find other ways to get an abortion illegally.

America has always had two different point of views for abortion. One side saying abortion should be legal, and the other side saying it should go. I hope you, Mr. Future President, keep abortion legal and can see that this is the best point of view and that you make abortion a woman's choice.


 Karla C.