Mikey F. Ohio


Abortion needs to change because there are different ways you could handle a unwanted baby and this is practically murder.

Letter to the President


By: Michael F.

Dear Future President,

Abortion is definitely a very negative thing in our country right now and has impacted our country in negative ways. There are members of my family that have aborted their baby and then after they did it they instantly regretted their decision. This is because some of them thought that they wouldn’t be able to afford the child, but realized that they could’ve made a better decision than just killing it and they all mentioned adoption. All of them. Abortion needs to change because everyone deserves a chance at life, and this is practically murder.

Everyone deserves to live and there a different options other than abortion. An example of this is, “Although abortion rights groups often contend that women who get abortions are unable to take care of children, opponents argue that in reality there are numerous ways to cope with an unwanted baby.”(Abortion, Issues and Controversies). This quote means that other than just killing the baby you could come up with an alternative like adoption. He’s never going to be able to witness the great things in life that he could’ve witnessed because now because of one small choice this innocent little infant is dead. This needs to change because these children could one day make a difference in the world in magnificent ways that we don’t even know about and abortion is stopping it from happening.

Secondly, abortion should be considered murder because these abortion clinics are getting paid to kill infants and now these babies are lifeless and don’t have the life they could’ve lived. “On the other side are those who call themselves "pro-life" and see abortion as murder.”(“Abortion”. Issues and Controversies) This quotes is important because it shows that I’m not the only one out here that believes that abortion should be considered as an act of murder.

Some may say that abortion can help people because some people might not be able to provide for the baby and couldn’t give the bay the life that they should have. Some people might say this because a lot of teen pregnancies result in favor of abortion and if we ban abortion then these teens will have to live in debt and struggle the rest of their lives trying to provide for their baby. I believe this isn’t true because there are other options than just abortion and just killing it off, there is adoption or just giving the baby to a family member that wants a kid so you don’t have to kill an innocent child.

As the President of the United States, if we decided to create a bill for the prohibition of abortion the most you could do to help out is sign the bill for it to become a law and it is vital that we change this because these are citizens that are being murdered before they can see the world and this needs to change immediately.

Abortion needs to change because the lives of future citizens are being ended and stopped in their tracks and they can’t be fixed. With abortion still legal these babies are losing their lives and don’t have a second chance. The moms of these children don’t have one either.

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