Transgender Rights

This letter to the president will talk about how transgenders do not have enough equal rights and how it is not enforced. Trans people get discriminated because they changed their gender. Some rights should be made to help them live life like everyone else.

Dear Future President,

In Virginia there is a boy named Gavin Grimm. He is a transgender who uses his gender bathroom like anybody else. He uses it at restaurants, schools, and at stores. This one day in Fall 2014 the town started to take action and decide if he can uses the bathroom that he wishes to use. They took the case up to the U.S. Supreme court.They did not acknowledge they were holding this against a teen. Gavin Grimm since was afraid to be himself in his town.

People are just not accepting that there are some who want to be a different gender than their original. They are used to people being the gender they were born as or female and male together. Religion is also a part of this problem. Some religious beliefs refuse to believe that people can change their gender and is against the LGBT community. This makes transgenders feel like they can’t be themselves like using the bathroom they want to use or being accepted as their gender they want to be.

Jason, a female to a male transgender was employed at an Ivy League University. When he told everyone about his transition, his supervisor's reaction was negative. His supervisor then decided to stop helping him move on in his career. Since then his colleagues distanced themselves because they feel uncomfortable about his transition.

Many trans people get discriminated for working. More than 4 in 10 people are working underemployed. Transgenders are more likely to have 4 times an income under $10000. 73% of voters voted to protect transgender people from discrimination in employment. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects people from being discriminated based on sex, race, color, national origin, and religion. Many do not acknowledge that this act is there to help. This act is not enforced when it comes to transgenders.

Some of these issues can be resolved. One issue that can be resolved is having a gender neutral bathroom. One of the risks of transgenders using their bathroom they want to use is risking perverts. Some of the others cannot be changed because people have their own opinions. Transgenders should have equal rights such as bathroom usage. Trans people should also have equal employement as another right. Mr.President it is your turn to help give transgenders and the LGBT community enforce and give more rights to them.


Anikin Taun