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College Tuition

College tuition is rising too high to the point that people can't even get higher education.

Dear future president,

          College tuition is rising every year and people are ineligible to pay for it. People that are going for certain degrees have to pay so much to the point where they are in so much debt, it takes them more time to pay the debt off than going for the degree (such as medical degrees). As seen from the graph at the bottom It's been raised almost 20,000 dollars every five years just to pay for a four year degree. Although student loans are useful, paying them off can be extremely stressful and a pain.

          The average four-year college in-state is around 10 grand per year, but if you live out of state, it doubles it to around 23,000 dollars. If you're attending a private college, the average is 32 thousand dollars just a year. After four years, that would equal to 128,000 dollars. That's more than an exotic car, such as a Porsche 911. Plus, that's not all of the things that the students have to pay for. Students spend hundreds of dollars on transportation to school, dorms, textbooks, supplies, and much more. It all adds up at the end, and the debt stays with you for an incredible amount of time.

          Student loans are also a big problem. Let's say that you graduate and you want to buy a house; your student loans that you haven't paid yet come back and haunt you, so you're unable to buy the house. They're also bad on credit score, which would affect applications to jobs and needing more loans. Also, not everyone is able to sign up for student loans. Felons and people that have been convicted are ineligible to sign up for student loans. This means that if they don't have the money for any sort of higher education after high school, they can't go to college at all. If college tuition was lowered, there would be less of a need for student loans and thousands and thousands of people could be getting the education needed for careers.

          Imagine the possibilities for lower-class families if college tuition was lowered, or gotten rid of. There would be job opportunities and good careers for everyone living in the United States of America. Stress would lower in college students and help them focus on school. People even say that student loans have ruined their life since it is so high currently. College tuition is extremely overpriced and should for sure be lowered immediately. 


Craig High School - Ms. Tucker's English 9

5th Hour - Honors English 9

Craig High School

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