Faith J. California


Abortion should be available to women, while partial birth should not be.

Dear Future President,

I would really like to hear about what your views are on abortion. I believe that more often than not, abortion is the wrong choice. On the other hand, I also believe that women should have a choice about what they can do to their bodies. 

Abortion should be available when necessary because all women should have the ability to make decisions involving their bodies, for themselves. Abortion should only be available throughout the first trimester to make the procedure much less brutal. If abortion is an option, there is absolutely no reason that partial birth should exist. If the mother has the option to abort the baby, having the procedure near the beginning of the pregnancy is much less brutal because the baby has not completely developed. Partial birth is much more violent because the child has developed completely, has limbs, and is a living being. Partial birth is the equivalent to murder, while abortion is the lesser of two evils. 


Faith J.

Santa Clara High School

11th graders in AP English Language SCHS

11th grade students in AP English Language at SCHS

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