Vinh Nguyen California

The Ocean Voice

'Help me please before it is too late':the ocean said.

Dear Next President,

I am Vinh, and it is in my highest interest to save the oceans before it is too late.The United State also the World need to take action to work and protect the oceans and marine life now.The oceans now are very polluted so the action must be taken before it is too late,please.We need a role model for the world to protect the oceans.It is you-The United State,which effect almost the world.Only 3.4% of the oceans are protected and shockingly the ocean covers 71% of the Earth.It is very important to protect the oceans beacause people like us can not live without water.If water is polluted, it will be dangerous for our to live.

We must lead the World in creating laws to prevent over-fishing.If we are not careful about fishing ,we will kill and pollute the marine life in the oceans.Without one species, the ecosystem will be imbalanced.Nowadays,people almost use destructive weapons to fish such as bottom trawling , electrical girds which are dangerous for marine life.Evryday,fishing is increasing too much to out of control.The fishermen want more money, so they always use dangerous method to catch fish ,which kill the oceans.

The water level of the ocean is rising day by day beacause the global warming is destroying ozon layer.When ozon layer does not exist anymore , the sunlight will come to the Earth and let UV rays to many people.It makes people have disease , especially cancer.The rising water level will drown the whole land near by river or ocean forever.The rising water levels also put our coasts at risk.There must be rules about global warming issue to stop increased water level.It will be dangerous for people and nature if the rising water levels and global warming still continue.

I don't know why these issues is important to me.I guess I love the ocean , love the marine life and love the nature.To me,the ocean is my freind.I don't want to see the ocean hurts or polluted.I have been stunned when I saw so many problem of the ocean is continuing.Please,save the ocean as soon as possible before it is too late.

The ocean depend on us to be rescued,especially next future president who is the role model for lots of people.Without the ocean,The Earth never has its life in one day and so do people too.So please,protect the ocean and save the nature too,please.