Brandon R. Wisconsin


Why we should stop Immigration

Dear Future President

Immigration has been a big problem. More and more immigrants are flooding into the United States (U.S) seeking for freedom. As immigrants continue to come in the U.S americans will have less jobs and space.

In 2013 there was estimated 231,522,215 immigrants,the U.S had 31 million of the total Immigrants. Obama said that's a great amount of immigrants coming throw. He says that “That's is how the U.S will grow.”

Throw out 2015-2016 there has been 20 million Legal and illegal immigrants. Immigrants get to the U.S by riding on a train or by hiring an american to smuggle them across the border.

Why are so many immigrants coming into america? Most reasons why are because of low paying jobs and terrorism.Another reason is that they just can't find work where they live.

In the end I hope that this immigration problems get fixed,and no longer have immigrants.Only way for immigrants to come to the U.S is if they take the U.S citizens test before they come to the U.S.A