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Animal Abuse

Dear Future President, I would like to stop animal abuse because many innocent animals die each year due to animal cruelty.

Animal abuse is very common throughout the U.S and a very serious thing. Many animals are killed each year because owners mistreat them. There are different types of animal abuse like not feeding them, or chaining them up outdoors in extreme weather, or the most common would be beating the animal. In the U.S there are about 1,423 animal cruelty cases. Most common victims of animal abuse are dogs and cats. (20.9% involves cats), (70.1% involves dogs),(24.1% involves other animals). And surveys say that people who primarily abuse animals are primarily men under 30 years old. While people who just hoard animals are more likely to be women over 60 years old. The HSUS estimates that nearly 1 million animals are abused or killed each year, and every year in the U.S an estimated 6-8 million lost, unwanted, or abandoned cats or dogs enter animal shelters. Also each year in the U.S approximately  2.6 million animals are euthanized(1.2 million dogs)(1.4 million cats). And it is known that about 1 million animals per year are abused or killed due to domestic violence in their home. I think that all animals have a right to live and killing innocent animals out of anger or frankly because they just want to. I want to stop animal cruelty all around the U.S because it is not right to have this many animals lost in our world due to abuse.

De Pere Middle School

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