Alexander K. Kentucky

What Should I Do?

With all these politics getting in my way every four years, I want to know what I should do with my life.

 Dear Future President: 

    I 'm trying to start a savings account for my future.  However, with all of  this political bickering, I am confused where to start. It seems to me that my parents are getting taxed everywhere they turn. There are taxes on water,  electricity, cable, phone service, hotels, restaurants, property,  insurance policies  and pretty much everything else. This has left me with two questions. If I am saving up all my money,  Will it be taken away by all of these taxes?  I would also like to know how we are $20 trillion in debt but we get taxed for pretty much everything we do. 

      I would  not like to see any more money spent on education.  I feel like the education system is perfectly fine how it is.  I don't think it needs any changes. The education system here in The USA is splendid and I am learning so much every day in school. We don't  need free college paid for by the government.  If a student applies him or herself enough,  he can get  some financial assistance for college paid for by the college of their choosing through scholarships.  Having  the government hand out free college is not the solution.

      I believe that we are forming a country that relies much too much on the government.  Giving people  government handouts such as food, college, phones, healthcare, etc.  only makes them needy and government reliant.  Some people  already require the government  to live.  This is a sad thought knowing that most people in the USA can make a living for themselves if they try.  In some cases, it is necessary to  help people who are truly unable to provide for themselves. 

       America needs to get a handle on the money that it is sending to other countries.  As the new president you need to look at the difference between a country that needs help and a country that can get help on their own. We don't need to send money to other governments that have a way of getting money for themselves.  Humanitarian aid is OK when it is truly needed.   But, The United States does not need to finance the government of other countries. 

      As the new president, you have the opportunity to start America in a better direction.  The  USA has $20 trillion in debt. I think your most important priority should  be to do something that lowers that debt.  I believe this can be done by reducing  government spending.  Simply raising taxes will not work.  We pay too many taxes already.

      Congratulations on your new job as president! I hope you will listen to my advice or at least consider the  possibilities.  For now, I will continue to save my money for the future. I hope that you can help the United States save its money for the future as well. 


 Alexander K.


Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

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