Ashton M. Iowa


Unisex restrooms for the disabled and transgender

Dear President,

My name is Ashton Muhr, i’m writing this important letter to you, to inform you about transgender identity crisis. This topic should be a big concern to you because it has recently become a topic that is talked about less, other’s will say differently because they are transgender, and nothing around them about their identity can be silenced.

This topic is important to me because it is a situation that nobody seems to care about, besides transgender themselves, and it should be more addressed to the public.

My proposal is typical, transgender restrooms. A man in Idaho who identifies as a woman physically, but his appearance is a male. Took pictures of women in a Target public dressing room. The man who transitioned into a woman is now in custody and the police are looking further into other victims of the crime committed, the man is being accused of the felony voyeurism.

At certain ages children of any gender get uncomfortable using the opposite sex restroom, some people suggest children have separate bathrooms so this situation could be finally put to ease, but this topic will never be put to rest. In the late 1970’s a woman by the name of Jana Serge remembers her father pushing her wheelchair into the men’s restroom for assistance. Their story was frowned upon and they were ridiculed for their actions. Upon further research I have discovered that North Carolina has passed a “Bathroom Billing” law. This law states that a person over the age of 7 years use the same sex bathroom as on their legal birth certificate. Specifically aimed toward transgenders. There has been an uproar, for the parents of disabled children of the opposite sex whom may need assistance. A compromise has been made, a unisex bathroom. Even though there are unisex restrooms, some people are unable to assist their child, or the bathrooms are too small to fit both the parent and the disabled child.

There is a handicapped stall, but there is typically only one stall in the whole restroom. Individual restrooms may work for the handicapped but there are space and cost restraints. To fix this issue I believe you should look into having all retail stores buying bigger, better, and more affordable unisex stall’s for the multiple uses of handicapped, transgender, men and women. You should consider this topic and make changes because think of it as your child, or loved one.

They could be in the same position as the other children and adults of the world. Feeling violated due to harm, unable to use public restrooms because judgement of others. The wheelchair or stroller that’s keeping them mobile can’t fit and they realize they are different from others.


Ashton Muhr